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True value of SULIMAR lies in the combination of customers’ appreciation for our own brand products and their wide variety. Many years of consistent and well-thought-out investments made SULIMAR famous not only for its brewery (“Cornelius Brewery”, formerly “Kiper Brewery”) but also for “Winmar Winery” and “Energizing Drinks Plant - Son Of The Energy”. Strict observance of rigorous production regimen, constant quality control of our ingredients, together with our well trained and experienced staff, contribute to the high quality of our final products and their unique taste, valued by our customers from around the country.

Today we can proudly say that our technology and production procedures in all of our plants, the ingredient buying system, flexible terms of cooperation, transportation and logistic support, all serve one distinct purpose – total customer satisfaction with our:
- product quality
- competitive prices
- delivery standards

We are looking forward to building rewarding business partnerships with companies worldwide.
We certainly are one of the few companies in Poland that have so much to offer for …so little.

CORNELIUS Brewery offers a wide variety of beers dedicated to true aficionados of this noble drink. Its flagship premium brand – Cornelius Weizen Bier has been awarded “Beer of the Year 2007” title. This traditional, delicately hopped, pale, sparkling beer with a unique banana-clove aroma is double fermented and carefully lagered in bottles. This unique beer making technology puts CORNELIUS Brewery in an elite group of just a few breweries that use this difficult technology. CORNELIUS Brewery offers also a wide range of bottom-fermented, Pilsner type beers, the most popular type of beer in Poland, such as: Kiper (Mocny, Extra Mocny), Beczkowe, Polarne, Beijing Gold, Duże Mocne, Małe Mocne. Their taste and aroma have already been appreciated by millions of beer drinkers in Poland and all over the world – it is time you made it available to your customers…

Please contact our sales representatives for details regarding our beer offer.

Winmar Winery is a place where the real taste of opulence is created. Wines, originating from our own fermentation and beverage filling plant, range from the popular ciders and fruit wines to more noble wines (vermouth) available in bottles or cardboard packages. From early beginnings of our winery, we have strived to produce premium quality white and red wines at reasonable prices. We did not have to wait for the results very long - many of our wines have won our customers’ recognition. The most popular brands originating from Piotrkow Trybunalski today are:

- Killer- Poziomka- Max 18- Antałek- Tajemnice Mnicha- Sento- Winmar Wiśniowe- Tropicana
- Angello- Salvadore- Seniorita- U.S.A.

Please contact our sales representatives for details regarding our wine offer.

Energizing drinks produced in our plant are comparable with other leading brands in our industry thanks to strict product monitoring conducted by our Quality Control Laboratory. You will find the terms and conditions of our offer to be one of the most favourable on the market.
Our energizing drinks – Hot Brain and Verwa are the preferred drinks among students, drivers and executives throughout Poland. We are convinced that you will appreciate the value of our products too!

Please contact our sales representatives for details regarding our energizing drinks offer.

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