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SULIMAR - is a modern company created to satisfy growing demands of today’s market. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have decided to broaden our offer by introducing custom branding and make-to-order production on our energizing and isotonic drinks as well as beer.

What are the benefits?
- we offer the best quality beer and beverages;

- we guarantee competitive prices for our products and services
- we may not be familiar with bread baking or house building, but beverage production is our area of expertise
- we can fulfill any order, regardless of its size

Over the past few years, sale of functional (energy and isotonic) soft drinks has become one of the most dynamically developing categories in the FCMG sector of the market. Estimated double digit-rate of yearly growth spells out success for both the leaders in this sector and the new “players”, offering their own brands.

We guarantee:
- Top quality products, achieved thanks to the latest technologies and our modern equipment.
- Compliance with the strict production standards and hygienic norms. All ingredients used in beer and energizing / isotonic drinks production are purchased only from certificated suppliers.
- Beer and energizing / isotonic drinks available in standard version or customized according to your request. You pick you ingredients, flavor, and color that suit your preferences. We can also provide you with custom labels for either a can or a bottle. Assistance in product name and tray graphics selection is also available.
- Choice of can size filling capabilities. Can sizes vary from 500 ml, 330 ml sleek to 250 ml slim. Packaging into 4- or 6-packs can also be arranged.
- Quick order processing.
- On time order delivery to customer’s desired location.

Our production facilities are at your disposal and our qualified workers are ready to face new challenges.
We encourage you to put our market reputation and dependability to test.

For detailed information about our make-to-order services, please contact our sales representatives.

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